Dental veneers in Turkey: The Full Guide

What is Dentals Veneers? Get beautiful teeth with dental veneers ! Dental veneers correct a number of defects and imperfections. They correct teeth discolorations, theeth shapes and their alignments. Dental veneers preserve the natural integrity of teeth. The other advantage of veneers is that they don't break and have a very long lifespan! Accessible and effective, dental veneers are your best solution for a beautiful natural smile!

Dental veneers : why choose Turkey

To get your perfect smile back, you decided to place dental veneers on your front teeth. Problem : dentures prices are too high in your country : between 800 and 1500 euros per facet, and they are neither refunded by Healthcare, nore by private insurance. The solution : choosing a dental trip to Turkey, where the placement of a denture doesn’t exceed 300 euros, for the same quality of material and dental care. Including the journey’s expenses, flight and hotel, you will save more than 70% on your dental bill. Besides the dental facets prices, choosing Turkey for medical or dental tourism has a lot of other advantages, that we have listed here.

Travel to Istanbul, and get your beautiful smile back !

New testimonial dental veneers in Turkey

Testimonial 18 Emax veneers and 2 crowns


Kelly from France, alias kay on youtube

"Hi, I'm Kelly aka Kay on social networks. I decided to go to Istanbul to redo my smile, I had facets and 2 crowns done. I am extremely happy with the result especially since my new smile looks like my previous one, I always recognize myself when I look at myself in the mirror. In conclusion, I am very happy with my experience here and I highly recommend bodyexpert, you will not be disappointed as I was not disappointed".

What is a dental veneers, or denture

The dental veneers, also named denture, is a odontological care consisting of sticking on the front teeth a thin ceramic layer in order to give them a perfect aesthetical aspect, offering the patient a true Hollywood Star smile. Dentures are not placed on the back teeth, for which will be preferred Inlay, Onlay or Overlay crowns. Dental surgeons will preferably use dentures, in order to preserve as much as possible the natural integrity of the tooth. whereas descaling and teeth whitening can, in the long run, can alter the tooth enamel. Dental veneers rectify the teeth color and shape, as well as misalignments. In terms of dental aesthetics, dentures are the ultimate solution.

Why choose dental veneers

Along with the undeniable aesthetic aspect, dentures can solve different dental problems :  stained or discoloured teeth, deformed or slightly damaged teeth, replacement of a damaged or grey crown, or even giving back a beautiful natural aspect of your frontal teeth. Dentures also able to bring back a better dental alignment, and offer a more convenient and lighter alternative to crowns, who need a deeper dental carving. 

Dentures can also be an alternative to Invisalign, a less expensive orthodontic care, but less comfortable : this invisible dental appliance, correcting teeth misalignment, small gaps or overlapping, must be removed when eating, and requires special hygienic attention. And with a Invisalign, you only can drink water...

Dental facets can be adapted to every kind of teeth, and requires less carving than crown placing. And above all, they can last more than 20 years, if you follow a strict dental hygiene. 

Dentures cannot be prescribed in several cases. In case of bruxism, since facets are slightly extending the teeth, they can worsen their friction. For a tooth without nerve, poly-decayed or too damaged, a dental implant or a crown will be recommended. In case of a periodontal disease or if the enamel is insufficient, a denture will be contraindicated. Last but not least, dental facets will not be adapted to patients with a poor dental hygiene, or a diet too rich in sugar or too acidic, especially soft drinks. 

What is the price of a denture ?

Denture prices vary according to the material and the brands chosen by your dentist, the implementation difficulty, your aesthetic preferences as well as the margin of the dental cabinet, since the prosthetic care is not submitted to a fixed pricing, unlike other dental care like decay treatment. In any case, a precise quote including all those aspects is compulsory. 

In most european countries, a dental veneers in composite costs between 170 and 450 euros, and between 800 and 2500 euros for a ceramic facet. Considered as non-regulated care by National Healthcare, dentures are not refunded, and private insurance rarely cover them. In most cases, the best alternative is to carry out your dental veneers in a foreign country where dental care can be from 30 to 80% cheaper.

How to choose your denture ?

Two types of materials are mostly used for the fabrication of a dental veneer : composite or ceramic. Composite is a soft paste, easy to work and to stick to the tooth. Cheaper, composite facet has a shorter lifetime, (5 years against 10 to 20 years for ceramic), and its color can be altered. For ceramic facets, Zircone is the most commonly used material, for its strength and its absence of metallic structure, Lumineers or Emax being the most common brands. 

Lumineers facets being thinner, the receiving teeth don’t need to be carved. Their appliance is therefore easier, as long as the patient’s teeth are perfectly aligned, which is rarely the case. Also their opacity gives them a less natural look, and the choice of available colors is limited. They are also much more expensive than Emax facets. 

Emax facets can be fabricated by any prosthetic or dentistry practice, since they refer to the material, and not the facet itself. Emax dental tray, the ultimate generation of dental facets, can be carved for any type of tooth, and the patient has many choices of colors and transparency to choose from, adapting easily to every patient’s needs. 

Placing dental veneers : the different steps

Placing dental veneers is a simple, fast and harmless dental care. But it is a high precision dentistry operation, with tailored-made facets to within a tenth of millimeter : placing an unadapted facet can be very annoying and very problematic, since it is irreversible. The choice of a very experienced and professional dental surgeon is therefore most important. 

The creation of the tray

A first appointment with your dentist will able you to present your problems and your wishes, to take pictures and X-ray as well as a print of your teeth, from which your facets will be carved. Once the fabrication of the tray completed, a resin will be moulded before being introduced in the mouth of the patient. Once the tray removed, the resin sticked to the teeth will give an outlook of the aspect and the placement of the oncoming facets.

The fabrication of the veneers

The tray adapted to the patient’s dentition, a carving of the teeth, to within a tenth of millimeter, will able the facets to be correctly placed and glued. The enamel will then be slightly grinded to help the glue stick on the designated teeth. A new print will follow, in order to sculpt -a real dental art- the facets with the chosen material.

Placing the veneers

The placing of facets, made under local anesthesia, can take several hours (4 hours for six facets). This care needs a very rigorous approach and experience, in order to guarantee a perfect outcome. Before the definite placing of the dentures, a temporary test of each facet will be done, validating the quality of the carving.

Taking care of your dental veneers

Once the job done, the veneers will naturally adapt themselves to your dentition, in less than a week. Once the gum have grown back around the designated teeth, the patient can resume the brushing, with a soft toothbrush and dental string. Well maintained, ceramic facets can last up to 20 years. A perfect dental hygiene is of course compulsory to their excellent conservation, as well as a regular descaling. An excessive consumption of tea and/or coffee, as well as tobacco, is strongly discouraged, since they can stain and darken your teeth and dentures. 

Dental tourism : which destinations?

Challenged by outrageous prices of dental veneers in their country, a lot of patients choose to undertake the placing of dentures abroad. Hungary, Spain or Portugal were until recently the most popular destinations for dental tourism, with fares up to 30 to 50% cheaper. As a comparison, an Emax dental facet costs around 1000 euros in France, 500 euros in Hungary, and 250 Euros in Turkey. Budapest, Hungary capital city, has been on the front row for decades, thanks to its experience in dental surgery, the quality of its surgeons and of its medical infrastructures. Thailand is also a possible destination, but it is much more far. However, Istanbul, in Turkey, is a growing dental tourism destination, thanks to its fares and the quality of its dental clinics and surgeons.

Why choose Turkey for your dental veneers

As a close and affordable airline destination (less than 3-4 hours from western Europe), the cultural and business capital city of Turkey is a great destination for medical and dental tourism. Dental care fares are 80% cheaper compared to UK, adding to the quality of its tourism infrastructures and the warm welcome of its inhabitants. The professionalism, the experience and the international reputation of its dental surgeons and implantologists, the quality of its medical infrastructures and the use of the most up-to-date dental technics able to consider the placing of dentures in total confidence. Thanks to medical tourism agencies like Body Expert, who offer fully tailored services, with a dedicated assistant speaking your language, everything becomes easier, from the appointments to post-operation follow-up, choosing the best dental surgeon or organising your transfers with VIP car. The outcome : highest possible levels of satisfaction and smiles regained. 


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Dental veneers video testimonials

20 Zirconia dental veneers + Gummy Smile


Samuel from Belgium

"Hello my name is Samuel I'm from Brussels. I found bodyexpert via Internet. I compared with others and I really liked bodyexpert I got dental veneers. It's been a while since I've been waiting for this trip. The borders opened on October 1st. It took about 8 days of intervention. The doctors are very good, the hotel, the reception, everything was perfect. Very happy with the result.”

18 Emax Dental Veneers


Nelly from Paris

"Hello my name is Nelly I come from the Paris area and I made the choice to go through the body expert clinic to get dental veneers and the result is really satisfying. Everything went very well and I was welcomed by Sibel, who was there for me from the beginning to the end and followed me through the whole procedure. What else can I say, the dentist is really qualified, very competent. I am really satisfied and I highly recommend going through this clinic."

18 Dental Veneers


Simo from Marseille, 24 years old

"Hey, you already know me, I’m Simo. Today I’m in Istanbul and I just got my teeth done. I’m so happy with my new smile. It was a very complicated choice to make. It was hard to find a good destination. I finally chose Turkey. To be more specific I chose Bodyexpert. I felt comfortable with them since the beginning and now I can see that the result is actually what they promised. Im very proud of my teeth. It’s incredible. My natural teeth weren’t that bad but now I have a perfect smile and it makes me happy. I’ll keep on smiling everyday !"

24 Dental veneers Zirconia + Gummy Smile


Julie Bertin from Montpellier, 28 years old

"Hello It's Julie, you may already know me. I have a lot going on in my head. I'm so happy, I came here in Istanbul to get my teeth done. I got dental veneers. I was self-conscious about my teeth, for 6 years now. Simo came here few months ago and got his new teeth. When I saw the result, I was in choc so I wanted the same smile as him. It clearly made me trust bodyexpert and take the plunge to get a new smile. I had so much fun. I visited a lot of beautiful places. I can't thank bodyexpert enough for giving me the chance to collaborate with them. I had no pain, the result is incredible. I smile all the time now. I would definitely do it again if I had to."

8 Dental Veneers


Adrien from Roubaix

"Hello I went with Turkish Airlines from 16th to 24th of August 2020. Everything went very well. The medical protocols are respected. There are no worries regarding the covid, we are safe all the time, we have temperature readings, whether it is in shopping centers, restaurants, stores. It is very protected so don't worry, The hotel is excellent, body expert really gave us the best service possible, it's extraordinary. I advise everyone to go there because it's really incredible. And whatever type of surgery you want to have, go to bodyexpert. You’ll come back with a smile.”


Julie Bertin's Dental Veneers Journey

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Information videos about dental veneers

Invisalign versus Veneers : What are the differences?


Often compared, yet they have nothing in common. Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment. It is a transparent tray that aims to align the teeth progressively. Therefore, it’s a process that takes time. Veneers are an instant solution. The veneer covers the tooth by changing its aspect, its alignment and its color.

Emax veneers versus Lumineers veneers, which one to choose?


Lumineers veneers for an American smile.
Advantages: No need to file your teeth beforehand, painless. Disadvantages : A less natural result, natural teeth must be well positioned.

Emax veneers, the reference in aesthetics.

Advantages: Can be done even if the teeth are not very aligned, the veneer is handmade by a prosthetist for a very natural result, painless. Disadvantage : Teeth filling is necessary.


What is the difference between veneers and crowns?


The dental veneer covers only the visible part of the tooth. It is used when the natural teeth are not too damaged. The dental crown is recommended for teeth in poor condition. And like a crown, it is positioned on the whole tooth.
The good news? The two can be combined!

Hollywood smile: dental veneers for a star smile


On average, we smile up to 10 times a day.

So why not get a Hollywood celebrity smile ?

The Hollywood smile allows you to have a perfect smile with a natural look.It is a simple procedure that can correct many dental deficiencies.

Go to Istanbul, and get the smile of your dreams!




It is often said that a healthy dentition is the base of a long life. One sure thing : your teeth deserve the best care, for health as well as for aesthetic reasons. Thanks to fares proposed in Turkey, dental veneers placing can be happily undertaken with a 100% guaranteed success.