Beard and mustache implants in Turkey

Most men consider beard and mustache being a sign of virility, and trendy male attributes. 

Today, a lot of men wish to bear a beautiful beard, or proudly wear bristles, for aesthetic or cultural reasons. But when it comes to hair, male equality does not exist. 

In order to rectify a beardless face, fill hair gaps or mask a scar, medical solutions are available at the tip of the chin, whatever the capilar nature or the desired hair density : FUE hair graft with PRP plasma treatment, beard implant with DHI implant pen, many answers using the same techniques as hair transplant exist, much more efficient than castor oil...

In Istanbul, Turkey, capilar surgeons are considered among the best in the world, and not only because staches are a national male characteristic : for beard implants, prices are usually 50% cheaper than in western Europe, with unbeatable satisfaction rates. 

Body Expert, incoming medical tourism agency, has selected for you and on strict criteria the best clinics and the best hair surgeons in Turkey. Located in Istanbul, they are renowned for their experience and the high quality of care provided. A dedicated assistant will be helping you during each step of your care, in the language of your choice.

Beard and mustache implants in Turkey: The Full Guide

Having a full and thick beard is not a chance that everyone got. However, there’s a miracle solution that can give you your dream beard: Beard transplant. Beards have always been trendy and give you instantly a charismatic look. Beard transplant allows does what your genetics and other factors won’t allow you to do. Take the plunge and get that beard done !

Indications for carrying out a beard transplant

Absent beard: indication for beard grafting

Beard Absent

Wrong beard shape: indication for beard grafting

Wrong beard shape

Clear beard: indication for beard grafting

Light-coloured beard

Holes in the beard: indication for beard grafting

Holes in the beard

Non-homogeneous hair: indication for beard grafting

Non-Homogeneous Pilosity

No moustache: indication for beard grafting

No moustache

Why undertake a beard graft ?

Hairless face, sparse hairiness, holes in the beard, scars, hormonal problems or post-illness hair loss, every men are not equal when it comes to hair growth. For some guys, it can become a problem, or even create complexes regarding their masculinity. In order to rectify the situation, medical remedies are available, efficient and painless, as long as you choose to trust a hair surgeon specialist : beard implants. The technique follows the same process as for hair loss. Grafts are extracted generally from behind the skull, and implanted in the receiving zone on the face. Since hair are taken from the head, the first hair growing after the operation are thin, but the more they are shaved, the thicker they grow, becoming usual beard hair after a few months. After 6 to 12 months, the result is spectacular : a dense and regular shag, offering the beard or the mustache of your dreams… If the operation is conducted by specialized surgeons, the risks or the post-operation complications are very rare. Regarding the price of beard implantation, it can be repulsive : between 4000 and 7000 euros in France or UK. The solution : medical tourism, with prices more than 50% cheaper in Turkey, including the airline ticket and the accommodation, with the best capilar surgeons using the best available medical techniques.

Which age for a beard implant ?

Once the puberty finished and a regular shave undertaken since several years, there is no limit of age for a beard implant. Nevertheless, the patient must be absolutely sure of his choice, since such an operation is irreversible.

FUE Beard Implantation : the best transplantation technique

The surgery technique “FUE+PRP” (Follicular Unit Extraction+Platelet Rich Plasma) is successfully used by the best international surgeons since more than 10 years. Once the harvesting and implantation zones are defined, the grafts are counted and withdrawn, mostly from the back of the skull. Such a beard implantation usually needs a maximum of 1500 grafts, and approximately 500 to 600 grafts for a goatee. Then follows the alignments and the counting of the grafts, the opening of the canals on the receiving zone, and the positioning of the grafts according to the desired beard design and density. The whole operation generally lasts between 2 and 6 hours, and is conducted with the most up-to-date technology, including saphir blades and DHI hair implanter pen, guaranteeing a successful transplant.

DHI Beard Implant: a fast and healthy graft technique

DHI method is the newest method in hair transplant. Extraction is the same with FUE method. But the implantation process is different. In this case, the implanting (choi) pen is used and is sometimes called choi technique. With the DHI Hair implanter pen, the extraction of grafts from the harvesting zone to the implantation zone are simultaneous, enabling to implant the follicles without creating incision channels. Each hair follicle is placed in a specific direction, angle and depth. This technique, coupled with a local needleless sedation system, offers a faster and more comfortable transplant operation for the patient.

The different steps for a beard implant

A first interview with your specialized surgeon will help to define your needs and desires, and choose accordingly the best possible medical answers. The giving (usually behind the skull) and receiving zones are then determined, before proceeding to the PRP treatment. Follows the simultaneous extraction and implantation of the grafts with a electrical micro punch equipped with sapphire blades or a DHI implanting pen. The intervention is painless, and generally lasts 2 to 6 hours, according to the number of  necessary grafts and the zone to cover. Following the operation, the treated zone is covered by a healing cream (Betadine), that the patient usually keeps for the 3 next days, without washing its face. During the two next weeks, it is advised to sleep on the back, and avoid any contact (motorcycle helmet…) or shock to the treated zone, to prevent any graft damage, and to avoid any sun exposure. During the six next months, it is advised to protect your face from sun exposure with a sun block cream with a strong sun protection factor (20 to 50 SPF). Cosmetics, shaving and face cleaning with soap must be avoided during the month following the beard implant. One week after the implanting operation, the grafted zone finds back its natural aspect, whereas the giving aera will recover about two weeks later. After 6 to 8 months, the new beard will show a natural aspect, and will become thick and dense about 12 months after the intervention. If the right diagnostic has been established, if the capilar surgeon did his job well and has implemented the most advanced graft techniques, the success rate can reach 100%. Provided that your cheeks have been entrusted to a experienced specialist, that you have strictly followed the post operation care recommended by the surgeon, and that you have been patient and confident enough.

Medical complications may occur (fever, blisters, ingrown hair…), but very seldom, as long as the medical and hygienic guidelines have been followed.

What is the cost of a beard implant ?

The average prices observed in Europe are from 4,000 to 7,000 euros. This type of intervention is not reimbursed by health organizations. Turkey therefore has very attractive prices, up to 50% cheaper, and even more if you take advantage of this medical trip to perform a hair transplant in addition.

Please refer to our offers and packages.

Other hair implants : chest...

From eyebrows to pubis, from the chest to the armpits, some patients wish to undertake hair implant on different parts of their body. These operations are all possible, and follow the same rules as hair implants on the head or the face. As long as they are done by specialized surgeons, who will precisely determine with his patient the precise zones and the best adapted graft techniques. The implant technique “FUE+PRP” (unity follicular extraction and enriched plasma treatment), along with the use of the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) implanting pen remains the standard procedure, and offers the best guarantees for a successful graft.

Eyebrow implant

For men and women, eyebrows are an essential aesthetic element for the glance’s balance. 

Eyebrow alopecia is relatively common with both sex, for various reasons : hormonal or genetic, hair loss, scars, burn… For women, the most widespread reason is repeating depilation, that creates a hair trauma, diminishes their density or stops their growth. 

In all cases, eyebrow implant is a possible painless response. It ables to densify or recreate the brow, by collecting hair follicles and implanting them on the desired zone. About hundred grafts are necessary in order to give back to each eyebrow its original density. 

But the eyebrow implant is not a trivial intervention, and seldomly offers the results expected by the patient. For those reasons, Body Expert and its medical partners prefer to propose to their customers a safer, quicker and cheaper alternative : the eyebrow micropigmentation. This successful makeup technique can be likened to tattooing : with a microneedles system, the specialist injects color pigments close from the natural hair color of the patient, in the drawn zone according to the patient’s desire. In order to bring shade to the brow, different color pigments are used, filling and densifying the eyebrow and creating a perfect and symmetrical line over the two eyes. 

Such an operation can be done in less than one hour for the two brows, but usually needs a second session for touch-ups, since some of the pigmentation can partly vanish after one week. The final result is nearly invisible, giving back volume, density and a perfect shape to the eyebrows and, most important, to the glance.

Pubic implants

This new tendency, very fashionable in South Korea, is gaining success among women from the western world. Indeed, pubic hair play a very important protection function, lately neglected because of pubic epilation trend. Due to repeated epilation, hair of the intimate region don’t grow anymore. In this case, pubic implant solution is an ideal alternative. As for other hair graft, the most common donor area is the back of the skull. The intervention lasts between 1 and 3h, under local anesthesia, and the final results need 6 to 12 month of patience. As the follicle grafts grow like hair from the head, a regular cut is necessary, and epilation becomes banned. An operation generally successful, but beware : like for other hair grafts, such operation is irreversible.


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New beard transplant testimony in Turkey

Beard graft by FUE method

Othmane of Paris

"Hello, my name is Othmane, I am from France and I live in Paris. I wanted to do a transplant. I did a lot of information, I did some research, I became interested... I saw that there were quite a few organisations and on the other hand there was one that clearly retained my intention, that of Doctor Cinik! He's very well known for his work, his follow-up, his cleanliness, in short, it's top-notch. So I decided to take the plunge. I spoke with someone who followed me and took care of me, Rania! I got to know her, she explained to me how it went, how the transplant went... Compared to the covid it was complicated too, but in the end it went well, it went well because you have to know that in Turkey there is a lot of hygiene, everything is followed, everything is clean, everything is managed. there are no worries to worry about. The pick-up at the airport niquel, the hotel niquel. Arrived at the clinic, very well received. The staff is top notch. Honestly nothing to say! I was a little apprehensive, but frankly it went well. It's true that at the beginning we are stressed, but frankly it's a bit of a mess. Otherwise frankly hyper satisfied. I'm really very happy. Doctor Cinik is great, pleasant and smiling! We can count on him and we can count on the whole team. Frankly, I recommend him.”


Why undertake beard and hair implant in Turkey ?


In Istanbul, Turkey, capilar surgeons are considered among the best in the world, and not only because staches are a national male characteristic : for beard and other hair implants, prices are usually 80% cheaper than in western Europe, with unbeatable satisfaction rates. 

Body Expert is here to help you at each step of your aesthetic and medical choices. As an incoming medical tourism agency, specialized in advising and escorting patients from all over the world in their medical and aesthetic care in Istanbul. Our priority is to guarantee the best care at the best rates, in total transparency and in your own language. We have selected for you and on strict criteria the best clinics and the best hair surgeons in Turkey. Located in Istanbul, they are renowned for their experience and the high quality of care provided, implementing the best available and most advanced techniques. For your comfort, 

A dedicated assistant will be helping you during each step of your care, in the language of your choice, from the quote to the full organization of your aesthetic and medical journey. 

Undertaking your capilar implants in Istanbul, Turkey, with the support of Body Expert, ables you to benefit from our expertise and to save up to 50% compared to your local rates.