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Dental Care in Turkey

For a healthy dentition and a beautiful smile

New testimonial dental care in Turkey

16 Dental Crowns + Gummy Smile

Sabbrina from Paris

"Hello my name is Sabrina I am from Paris and I decided to give myself a smile and for that I went through body expert. I discovered them via Instagram on the networks through different instagrammers that went through Bodyexpert. Arrival in Istanbul super a driver picked me up directly from the airport and dropped me off at the hotel. Rania accompanied me and also helped me to discover many places in Istanbul. It was very pleasant and a bit like a holiday. Then an appointment at the dentist's with Doctor Omer who took care from A to Z of what I needed, what I wanted, and he was able to set up the new smile project with a quality follow-up. I'll be back, I have plans with them including a liposuction and maybe some new injections thank you very much body expert"


Get a healthy dentition and a beautiful smile back in a few days, and save thousands of dollars on your treatment, up to 70% less compared to dental care prices in your own country.

When one or several teeth are missing or damaged, it has not only aesthetical consequences, but it can also jeopardise your health. Gingival inflammation, headaches, decay or shifting of the other teeth, tooth grinding, digestion problems or pain in the mandibular articulation… In most cases, a dental implant, a prosthetic crown or a bridge are necessary. In Europe, the implant placement price may vary between 800 and 4000 euros. Excluded from nomenclature by the health insurance system, an implant, for example, is not refunded. Only the artificial tooth that will be fixed on the implant is partially refunded. And only a good private health insurance would be able to cover the costs. As a result, more than 20% of the patients will give up this type of dental care. Others will choose to do their dental operation abroad, where prices are 30 to 80% cheaper.

As a close and affordable airline destination (less than 3-4 hours from western Europe), the cultural and business capital city of Turkey is a great destination for medical and dental tourism. Dental care fares are 80% cheaper compared to UK, adding to the quality of its tourism infrastructures and the warm welcome of its inhabitants. The professionalism, the experience and the international reputation of its dental surgeons and implantologists, the quality of its medical infrastructures and the use of the most up-to-date dental technics able to consider the laying of implants in total confidence. Thanks to medical tourism agencies like Body Expert, who offer fully tailored services, with a dedicated assistant speaking your language, everything becomes easier, from the appointments to post-operation follow-up, choosing the best implantologist or organising your transfers with VIP car. The outcome : highest possible levels of satisfaction and smiles regained.

It is often said that a healthy dentition is the base of a long life. One sure thing : your teeth deserve the best care, for health as well as for aesthetic reasons. Thanks to fares proposed in Turkey, dental care can be happily undertaken with a 100% guaranteed success.

Go to Istanbul, and smile again!

Choosing Body Expert, an agency specialized in medical tourism in Istanbul, ables you to save up to 70% compared to dental prices in your own country. On very strict criterias, Body Expert has selected the best dental clinics in Turkey. Located in Istanbul, they are recognized for the highest quality of dental treatments. At our clinics, you will be taken care of by our highly qualified surgeons-dentists, accomplished in implantology and dental cosmetology. From the taking your appointment to post-treatment follow-up, your dedicated english-speaking personal assistant will be at your service and will accompany you during each step of your treatment.

Dental care in Turkey: what are the prices?


Please note: Our rates include the assistance of a customer service representative at every stage.
They do not include: the hotel, transfers and your flight.
When we draw up the quote we will offer you our 4* hotel (breakfast) and transfers (airport/hotel/clinic/airport) at our preferential rates depending on the number of nights and treatments planned. This way you will be able to choose this option or not.

Price table

Dental care proposed and brands

Unit price

Ceramic-Metallic Crown

125 €

Zircone Crown Emax

250 €

Dental Veneer Emax

250 €

İmplant + Abutment Bego

320 €

İmplant & Abutment Bego + Zircone Crown Emax

530 €

İmplant + Abutment Straumann

475 €

İmplant & Abutment Straumann + Zircone Crown Emax

675 €

ALL IN 4 = 4 implants Straumann + 12 Crowns Emax

4  100 €

ALL IN 6 = 6 implants Straumann + 12 Crowns Emax

5 000 €

Whitening (Opalescence & laser)

250 €



  • Dental tourism in Turkey knows a growing success, thanks to high quality of dental care at  much lower prices than in Europe. Including the journey’s price, you will easily save up to 80% on your dental budget.

  • Your teeth need a serious dental care : Implant, prosthesis, Inlay-Onlay, Sinus Lift, bone graft, crown, removable denture, dental facet...

  • Problem : most of these dental operations, poorly refunded by the Health Insurance system in your country. In UK, for example, you will pay a minimum of 1200 £ for a titanium implant. Without its crown.

  • Solution : dental tourism, to rebuilt your teeth at smiling prices, with an equivalent quality of medical care and material.


  • Budapest : Hungary’s capital has been on the market for some time, thanks to its experience and professionalism of its dental surgeons and the quality of its medical infrastructures. A titanium implant is invoiced between 700 and 1000 euros.


  • Thailand : more exotic, with very affordable prices, the smiling country is another possible destination, but it’s much more far away. 


  • Istanbul, Turkey :  laying an implant costs around 350 to 500 euros, and 150 euros for a prosthesis, half cheaper than in Spain or Hungary. Adding the price of implants, choosing Turkey for dental or medical tourism has much other advantages.


  1. 3 to 4 hours flight from Europe,  with great airline connexions at low prices (except for the summer holidays high season), Istanbul is a close and affordable destination.

  2. The business, cultural and historical capital of Turkey is an exciting and vibrating metropole, a millenary crossroad between Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. 

  3. Top tourism infrastructures, legendary welcoming people will make your dental journey unforgettable.

  4. The professionalism, experience and international reputation of its dental surgeons and implantologists, the quality of its medical installations with the most up-to-date technical equipments allow patients to consider their dental care with great serenity.


  • Thanks to a medical tourism agency like Body Expert,  who offer customized services, with a dedicated host or hostess speaking your language, everything is easier, from the appointments to post-operation follow-up, from choosing the best dental surgeons to organizing your private transfers from the hotel to the clinic. The outcome : very high satisfaction rates and regained smiles.

Dental Tourism: which country to choose to redo your teeth?

Dental Tourism: which country to choose to redo your teeth?

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Have a beautiful smile!

Physical appearance is strongly linked to our mental health and our perception of ourselves. There are certain physical traits that require surgery but smiling happens to be the easiest trait to transform. As you will have understood, improving the quality of one's smile can have a much deeper impact on life than just the physical aspect. Therefore, it’s important to listen to your body and to your needs and make the necessary changes to have full self-confidence and this starts with the acquisition.

Transcription  :

Is it so important to have a beautiful smile? The answer is yes. Teeth play a very important role in self-confidence. Having a good look can have a very positive impact on your daily life. And for the most part, the appearance is based on a beautiful smile. Then, It would be reasonable to take the plunge and get a perfect smile ! Want to have a perfect smile? Bodyexpert helps you make your dream come true!

The treatments

Surgeon-dentists implantologists in Istanbul are widely considered for their medical education, experience and expertise, certified ISO/CE equivalency and at the highest international standards. Our ISO/CE implants are LIFE GUARANTEED, with follow up certifications. Our bridges and crowns are 5 year guaranteed.

Treatment Implants Body Expert


Implants are equal to artificial dental roots. They fix prosthesis, crowns and bridges, allowing patients to get an efficient and comfortable mastication back. The few implants anchoring your prosthesis offer the best possible stability.

Want to know more ? Read our complete guide on dental implants in Turkey!

Treatment dental veneer Body Expert

Dental Veneer

For the creation of ceramic dental veneer, or laminate, the Emax dental veneer offer the best rendering by its quality, durability and their unmatchable aesthetic. Like Zircone, Emax crowns and bridges do not contain metal, offering the best natural aspect to the prosthesis.  

Want to know more ? Read our complete guide on dental veneers in Turkey!

Treatment Sinus Lift Body Expert

Sinus Lift

The Sinus Lift defines the raise of the upper or the lower jawbone, with a natural or synthetic bone graft, in order to recreate a sufficient bone volume in order to receive the implants. The sinus lift is needed when the patient has lost his molar or pre-molar long before the creation of the implant. When the bone volume is large enough, the sinus lift can be created at the same time as the implants. If the dental implants cannot be done at the same time, six months of consolidation are needed before receiving the implants.

Treatment Inlay Onlay Body Expert


A dental inlay recreates the damaged part of the tooth. It resolves the esthetic problems, preserving the dental tissue at its best. An extended decay needs a larger inlay, called onlay. Inlays and onlays are usually built in ceramic, more esthetic.

Treatment Ceramic-Metallic Body Expert

Ceramic-Metallic Crown

The ceramic-metallic crown is made up of two essential materials : a metal alloy, or metallic skeleton, that supports the cover made of dental ceramic, or porcelain. The ceramic-metallic is the most commonly used material, for its time-resistance capacities and its ability of adapting to the most complex cases, when other building techniques shall be banned.

Treatment Bone Graft Body Expert

Bone Graft

This operation increases the bone volume. It is required when the jaw bone does not have enough height to contain the implant, or when the global bone thickness is not sufficient, on its internal or external side. 

The bone graft increases the stability and the durability of the implant. The replacement bone can be either natural or artificial. The graft material is laid in layers, directly on the bone, in order for the body organism to transform it in strong and lasting bone tissue. 

The bone graft and the implant laying are usually done during the same operation. For more complicated cases, the bone graft is created 3 to 6 months before the implant laying.

Treatment Zirconne Crown and Bridge Body Expert

Zircone Crown and Bridge

Zircone is today’s most up-market material for creating crowns and dental bridges, on implant or on natural tooth. The main advantages of a zircone framework are its natural tolerance with the gum ; its aesthetics, perfectly concealing the color of the metallic post or the devitalized tooth, recovered by the crown or the bridge ; its adaptation to the creation of bridges of any size as well as individual crowns.

Treatment removable denture Body Expert

Removable denture

The removable denture is prescribed when the traditional denture of a patient is insufficient for eating, chewing or talking, or when the jawbone is not large enough to receive several implants. This type of operation requires the laying of 4 dental implants per jawbone, guaranteeing the denture’s stability. 

The anchored-bar prosthesis defines a removable denture half-fixed for long term. Anchored on the implants, uthis dental prosthesis offers the perfect solution for toothless patients. Removable, it can be easily cleaned, does not move when the patients chews, talks, laughs or sneezes. By its functionality and aesthetics, this solution are the most similar to the patient’s natural teeth.

Treatment Crown Body Expert


The crown defines the tooth part outside of the gum. It is naturally recovered by the tooth enamel. It also defines the prosthetic crown, a dental prosthesis covering the living or devitalized tooth. It covers the healthy part of the left tooth, recreating the coronarial part, protecting it from new damages without necessarily extracting it and replacing it totally.

Dental whitening in Turkey: Prices, process and alternatives

Dental whitening in Turkey: Prices, process and alternatives

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How to choose your dental clinic en turkey

Every day, hundreds of patients come from Europe, the Middle East or Central Asia, to undertake heavy dental care at smiling prices. Body Expert guides you to select the best clinics and dental surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey, using the most updated equipments and materials. 

  • Be assisted in your language during all steps of the dental care, from the pricing to the choice of materials, dentists and clinics, from the personal assistance in Istanbul to the post-operation follow up.

  • Choose a clinic using the most sophisticated dental equipments and materials, specialised in endodontic (restorative dental care), implantology, prosthetic cares and stomatology. The dental clinics must respond to ISO european quality standards.

  • Make sure the reputation and experience of the dentist and the medical team meets the highest standards. Dental surgeons, prosthetists, assistants, hygienists and anaesthetists must all be graduated from the best medical and dental universities in Turkey, whose excellency and reputation are well established since more than 20 years, thanks to the increasing international demand.


  • Choose clinics and practitioners working with the best available materials and brands, like implant suppliers as AB, Legacy, Straumann ou Nobel, who provide 10 years guaranteed products.


  • Did you know ? More than 70% of the tooth prosthesis sold in Europe are made in Turkey: crowns, bridges and dental prosthesis used by our dental partners meet the highest international quality standards and are guaranteed at least 5 years. 


Dental Care Testimonials Videos

22 Dental Crowns + Gummy Smile


Sarra from Lille, 24 years old

"I’m Sarra, I’m from Lille, I came here to get dental crowns, so here’s the result.  I was greeted by Gamzé, the French translator, who accompanied me from beginning to end. Everything went good, we were so well received in the clinic. I thank Bodyexpert for their welcome and for all the treatment that was carried out on me."

16 Dental Crowns



Alexandre from Geneva, 24 years old

"My name is Alexandre, I am from Geneva and I chose bodyexpert and Turkey to get my 16 zirconia crowns. I used to have a bad smile now the dentist took care of me with my guide Gamzé who was there throughout the whole stay. The result is perfect, impressive as you can see. I am super happy with the result. I highly recommend bodyexpert and Turkey."

14 Crowns and 6 Dental Implants

Adam from Lyon, 24 years old

"Hello my name is Adam. I’m from France and I came here in Istanbul with Bodyexpert to get my teeth done. Implants and crowns. Honestly they did a great job. It went amazing. I had no pain at all. The dentist was remarkable. I highly recommend Bodyexpert. Rania was very helpful from the beginning until the end of my stay. She translated everything I wanted to tell to the dentist. They gave me the smile I’ve always wanted. Thank you all ! Thank you Rania and all the Bodyexpert team."

20 Crowns and 4 Dental Implants

Helena from Switzerland, 53 years old

"Hello I’m Lena, I’m from Switzerland. It’s been months since I was thinking about getting my teeth done because they weren’t good at all. I searched in Hungary, Portugal and in Spain but here in Turkey it was much cheaper especially with Bodyexpert. I met the doctor, who’s so nice and gentle. He was so caring. Amazing ! When we leave from the clinic, we feel really satisfied. I can’t wait until my friends come here to get their teeth done. I recommend more than 1000 times this agency ! Thanks a lot !"

Teeth whitening


JRK from Marseille, 23 years old

"Hi everyone, it’s JRK. As you may know from my stories on instagram I came here in Istanbul with bodyexpert.

The whole team is incredible. We’re having an amazing trip. At first I wasn’t coming to get dental care I was just accompanying my friend but when I saw how they work, I decided to get a teeth whitening. I'm happy with the result. My teeth are so white ! I love it ! I was welcomed by Dr Omer. He’s so caring and nice. I directly felt comfortable with him. And once again, staff members were incredible."

24 Dental Crowns

Abdelwahed from Sarcelles, 57 years old

"Hello my name is Azzarif Abdelwahed. I live in Paris. I came here to change almost all of my teeth. I had 24 crowns in zircone. It was amazing. The team is great. Everyone’s really nice here. If you want to come, you can absolutely trust them. It’s not pricy at all and everything’s good in here. Thank you."

24 Dental Crowns

Abdelkader from Paris, 31 years old

"I came here to bodyexpert's agency because I had a lot of dental issues. I had toothache for more than 15 years, and then a friend of mine recommended that I talk to Burak. Our conversation led me to come here and to meet an amazing dentist. He got me brand new teeth as you can see. I felt nothing during the surgery knowing that I’m usually scared of dentists. The surgery went very good and the assistant’s caring was great. I really recommend this agency. Get your teeth care through Bodyexpert if you have dental problems. You won’t be disappointed either on their prices or on the quality of their services."

A comfortable hotel for your dental care

The Mia Berre opens its doors in the heart of Istanbul. A very pleasant hotel to stay in, with a minimalist and beautiful design. You have free wifi and all the necessary comforts in your room, such as air conditioning, great bedding and your flat TV. Your breakfast is included. The multiple facilities for your comfort and leisure will satisfy all your desires, a quality restoration, a welcoming bar and a garden to relax in.

between France, Turkey, Hungary, Spain

Comparatifs des prix des soins dentaires

Dental care




Turkey Prices

Ceramic-Metallic Crown

210 €

285 €

700 €

125 €

Zircone Crown

390 €

350 €

1 000 €

250 €

Dental Veneer

350 €

450 €

1 000 €

250 €

İmplant + Abutment

800 €

525 €

1 150 €

475 €

İmplant & Abutment + Zircone Crown

1 190 €

875 €

1 800 €

675 €

ALL IN 4 = 4 implants + 12 Crowns

6 500 €

8 300 €

10 800 €

4 100 €

ALL IN 6 = 6 implants + 12 Crowns

7 500 €

10 140 €

12 600 €

5 000 €


350 €

270 €

800 €

250 €

Your dental treatment step-by-step

Step 1 - Free quotation according to your panoramic X-ray

Send us your needs and your panoramic X-ray, to be carried out at home, and send us your file through :

- our entry form

- or with whatsapp +90 532 100 64 16

- or by email :

We will come back to you asap with your quotation.

Step 2 - Validation of the quotation

After validation of your quotation with your personal assistant, proof of purchase of your plane ticket will be required to block your dates of care.  

Please note that Body Expert has a travel agent agreement, and can take care of your whole journey, from your departure city to your return. Our tailored travel services can organize all the travel extensions you wish, enabling you to discover the wonders of Istanbul.

Step 3 - Your arrival in Istanbul

You will have a dedicated reception at your arrival in Istanbul. Your coverage starts at the airport, with VIP vehicle transfer to your hotel. Your personal assistant will present your program and assist you at each step of your journey, in your spoken language. At Body Expert, your satisfaction is our priority !

Step 4 – Dental treatment start

The first step of a dental treatment begins with an interview with your dental surgeon, followed by a full dental exam. X-rays of the jawbones are conducted in order to verify the bone tissues and to choose where the implants will be implanted. The prints of the jawbones is a fundamental reference for the next steps of your treatment.

Step 5 - Your 3D dental X-ray scan

What is a dental scan ?

The tomodensitometric (TDM) dental conic beam is used when regular dental or facial X-rays are not sufficient. This type of scanner technology generates 3D images of the dental structures, the gum tissues, the nerves network and the marrow of the dental-skull zone in one single scanning. The generated 3D images allow a more precise treatment planning.


What are the most common cases of 3D use ?

The 3D Scanner is often used in implatology cases.

It is also prescribed for the most complex cases :

1.    To diagnose a bonejaw articulation disorder

2.    To find the ideal place for a dental implant 

3.    Evaluation of the jawbone, of the sinus

4.    Determination of the bone structure and the tooth orientation

Step 6 - Implementation of the implant

After its implementation, the implant is recovered by the gum. The pillars will be done during a second operation. After the installation of the temporary denture, a 3 month waiting period is necessary for the healing. If the quality of the bone ables it, the implant can be immediately installed.

Step 7 – Laying of the pillars

The second part of the treatment consists of creating a little incision in the gum, in order to leave an access to the pillar that will be fixed on the implant.

Step 8 – Making of the teeth

After the pillar is placed, a print is conducted and the technician carefully creats the crown, the bridge or the prosthesis. A particular attention is given to the color of the material, so that your new teeth look exactly like your natural teeth.

Step 9 – Implating and verification

As soon as the created teeth are back from the laboratory, the teeth are fixed on the implants. Once the treatment is finished, one or two annual visits are necessary at your usual dentist.

Length of the treatment

For the first step, 2 to 3 days are needed for the laying of the implants, the care and treatment. The second step, for the fabrication and the implementation of the teeth, 3 to 6 days are needed.

Treatment dental panoramic X-ray Body Expert

Source : Lee JS, Somerman MJ. The Importance of Oral Health in Comprehensive Health Care. JAMA. 2018;320(4):339–340. doi:10.1001/jama.2017.19777